The global travel and tourism sector is facing the greatest challenge of our generation. Covid-19 has grounded our world, literally and figuratively. Leaders, however, are refusing to stop readying for recovery. The global shutdown of the sector has emphasised the fact that travel and tourism is critical to global economic, social and environmental growth and development. Travel and tourism will return, but will be different in principles, pace and operations. Resilience is vital.

Before our sector reactivates, events are taking place with technology as our great enabler and connector. As part of this process, the Resilience Council Virtual Summit will focus on re-engineering readiness: examining tried and true paradigms to understand how our sector can responsibly, sustainably, smoothly and swiftly be remobilised.

Through a series of discussions, we will offer the collective wisdom of travel professionals, government officials, private enterprise and NGOs to identify tangible actions for the new world created by the current global health and resulting financial crisis. 


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