Beyond Covid-19: Destination Reboot and Recovery

As the world reopens and tourism prepares for a slow relaunch, this virtual summit will look at how destinations around the world are dealing with the new challenges and opportunities they face because of the pandemic. The Resilience Council spoke to destinations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, to understand what is working and where there are stumbling blocks.

How will governments and destinations use technology to implement new health and safety protocols? How can sustainability and resilience become part of the relaunch and ongoing narrative? How can destinations ensure that a sensible approach to safety does not ruin the authenticity of the travel experience?

This webinar is one of a series of activities presented by Finn Partners and the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council, and is part of a series of initiatives which include the launch of the Finn Partner Travel Recovery and Resilience Think Tank, a unique collection of some of the world’s best thinkers in health, tech, travel, sustainability, media and culture.



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