Belinda Cute Mzimba
Belinda Cute Mzimba
Sargent - K9 Unit
The Black Mambas

Belinda started her career in the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit in 2007. She was trained to become a Field Ranger at South African Wildlife College to compliment her Black Mambas APU training. In 2014 Belinda was trained at Pro-Track Anti-Poaching Unit to become an Environmental Monitor for the Black Mambas and also got her First Aid Certificate LVL 1. In the same period of time Belinda got her tracking certificate, security certificate Grade E and Firearm certificate.

In 2016 Belinda became part of Cop 17 cities in Johannesburg. In 2017 Belinda undertook training in Strewig to become the Black Mambas Sergeant. In 2018 Belinda was trained as a Dog Handler LVL 1 to 3. Currently Belinda is an Environmental Monitor and a Driver in the Black Mambas APU.