Simon Hardern
Simon Hardern
Kenyon International Emergency Services

An intelligent and empathetic leader, with an eye for detail and a subtle knack for making good things happen.

Simon joined Kenyon in July 2018 as Vice President, Operations and CEO Elect, taking on the CEO role from 1 January 2019. He spent his first few months understudying the incumbent CEO and now Company Chairman, Robert A. Jensen; this helped him gain a detailed insight into every aspect of what Kenyon does to ensure its small Permanent Staff, Associates and two thousand Team Members continue to support the Company's Clients with the high-quality, generally unsurpassed and sincere service that it is well-known for around the globe. Before joining Kenyon, Simon spent 34 years in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and retired as a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy.

His early years were spent almost exclusively at sea, including periods in the Caribbean supporting the British Overseas Territories with disaster relief operations and sailing across the Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. Mid-career, he drove two warships, deploying with both across the globe focusing on defence diplomacy activities and operational missions. From 2004 onwards, Simon was engaged at the joint service and civilian interface; this included a period of overseeing support to injured military personnel and the families of those killed in action.

For much of the last eight years, he was based in either Belgium or the Netherlands working in high profile NATO appointments.