Leitah Mkhabela
Leitah Mkhabela
Field Officer
Black Mambas

Leitah started her career as the Black Mamba in 2014. During her training Leitah obtained her Firearm certificate and underwent Emergency Care Specialist Training. Further Leitah took her Senior Command Course in 2017 and the same year was appointed as a Sergeant and Media Liaison Officer.

At present Leitah is appointed as the Black Mambas’ supervisor. Her responsibilities include running the Operations Room, educating local communities that are adjacent to the Game Reserve about protecting and conserving natural resources. On the regular basis Leitah hosts international groups from Lodges and presents the Black Mambas project to them to raise awareness, engages with media teams and press representatives.

Email: asdkfljslf@aldsfjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa